Welcome to the official website for the Water’s Edge Community Development District (the “District”). This website is funded on behalf of the District to serve two major purposes. The first is to comply with Chapter 189.069 of the Florida Statutes, which requires each special District to maintain an official website. The second is an effort to help educate the general public about the services provided by the District, and to highlight the other agencies involved in the day-to-day operations of the community. These agencies include but are not limited to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Manatee County and the Water's Edge Homeowner Association.

Resident Notice:

We have received an increase in complaints from residents concerning vehicles speeding throughout the neighborhood. Please be mindful that the speed limit throughout the community is 25 MPH. Please be a good neighbor and watch your speed.

CDD Zoom Meeting Information:

Zoom Link: us06web.zoom.us/j/95649629788
Meeting ID: 956 496 2978
Passcode: 516708Gms
Zoom Phone #: (646) 876- 9923
*Residents must use the raise the hand feature on Zoom in order to speak during Audience Comments.

New Meeting Location Reminder

The Water’s Edge Community Development District will meet at our new location at the new Fire Station #2 at 3804 Rye Road beginning in September of 2023 at 6:00 p.m. If you are interested in attending in person please park on the north side of the fire station and enter the building from the front. The training room we will be using is on the left.  

Please remember we are guests, and the fire personnel that staffs this 24/7 fire station lives there while on shift. This means eating, sleeping and decompressing from running calls. Participation via Zoom will still be available.

Propane Update: 

At the CDD meeting on November 30th, the Board authorized me and GMS to explore a proposal from a LP gas vendor to lower the cost of propane to heat the pool and spa.  Those discussions and subsequent discussions with the current vendor have resulted in a significant reduction in propane costs to the District moving forward. The current vendor’s proposal was lower than the other proposal on a cost per gallon basis.  In addition,  the current vendor is providing a significant rebate for previous gas purchases.   As a result of these significant savings, we are keeping the pool heater on until the Board meets on January 25th and can discuss this issue in a public meeting. I appreciate the residents who brought this issue to the Board for consideration. Greg Kisela

Latest Actions:

At the April 25, 2024 meeting, the Water’s Edge CDD took the following actions:


  • Gil Tielve noted the front gates are old and unreliable. The pedestrian gates are missing the locks.  Kisela noted the Board requested a proposal for pedestrian locks so that they can be replaced soon.
  • Joyce Miller wants an additional kayak/canoe rack so that all vessels can be secured prior to hurricane season.
  • Glenn DeYoung noted the pedestrian bridge landscaping needs to be cleaned up.  Ryan Eberly from LMP said they just recently cleaned it up, and will look at ways to keep it maintained nicely.   Kisela added the County had notified the CDD that they were going to clean up the drainage conveyance system, but they never did.   Mick Sheppard from GMS was tasked with contacting the County and requesting it be done ASAP.
  • Mikhail Kuzemchenko noted a mirror needs to be installed by the front exit gate so people can see southbound traffic without having to pull out on North Rye Road.   
  • Sheli Williams stated the lighting at the front entrance is not always on.   Mick Sheppard will look at the timers to see if they need adjustment.
  • Carole McConnell agreed that the lights still need to be adjusted and/or repaired.  
  • Becky Gringas noted that the lights never worked correctly even when Neal Development controlled River’s Reach.  She would like to see arms installed for the gates and the volleyball court entirely removed.
  • Michael Cox was glad the new playground was installed.  He would like to see the focus on keeping all  the amenities in good working condition.  Kisela agreed the amenities need to be maintained regularly.
  • Dana Perez would like to have a combination basketball/pickleball court.
  • Paul Reinhardt also would like to have the pedestrian locks installed.   He wondered whether the County would be installing a traffic light by the entrance.   Jessee noted the County is definitely going to install another traffic light, however, the timeline and location on North Rye Road have not yet been finalized.
  • Paul Reinhardt also liked the idea of a basketball court, he coached  basketball for 20 years and believes it will get good usage in the neighborhood.   He also suggested updating the gym equipment.   Kisela noted we have replaced some of the equipment; the rest is uptodate and in good working order.
  • Rick Miller suggested a shuffle board court in place of the volleyball court.
  • Lucy Kisela would like to see a dog park on the parcel on the right side by the entrance.   She noted some property owners are not allowed to have fences, and this would allow dog owners to exercise their dogs without disrupting neighbors.  Joyce Miller wondered if the cemetery only had one person buried there, could that area be roped off and the rest be used for the dog park.   Kisela noted there are actually 20-25 bodies buried there and our covenants prohibit us from disturbing the gravesites. Mrs. Miller agreed.
  • Becky Gringas thought it would be nice to replace the volleyball court with a covered pavilion.   
  • Lauren Riedl would also like to have a dog park in the community.   She suggested a TV be installed at the pool area so people could watch sporting events.   Carole McConnell preferred the pool be peaceful and quiet (no TV).
  • Lexi Parks thought a tiki hut would be so much better than an unused volleyball court.  Kisela noted that it was evident a lot of property owners would like to see the volleyball court replaced with something else. 
  • Larry Sutton wondered what comes next.  Kisela stated a survey should be mailed to all property owners asking for their preferences.   He noted the survey should include cost estimates as well as proposed special assessment amounts so respondents can make informed decisions.   Mariana Jimenez volunteered to go door-to-door to increase the response rate.   Jessee noted her kids could help as well.  
  • Carlos Jimenez would love to see a running track with fitness stations in place of the volleyball court.



Supervisor Requests:

  • Burbank is concerned about the assessment rate for next year.  Kisela noted sometimes we have expenses and/or repairs needed that were not planned in the budget.   However, we had some propane gas savings due to negotiations with the gas company for lower rates and rebates on past usage.
  • Amenity Policy (Amended & Restated Rules of Procedure) - approved as presented.
  • Landscape Report (Ryan Eberly):
  • LMP will spray for turf weeds this week.
  • A homeowner whose house is for sale requested the grass beds be replaced on Rye Road.   After brief discussion, the Board concluded this would be a big expense and would not support this request.  
  • Pedestrian bridge landscaping was trimmed and cleaned up.  Jessee would like to see this placed on a regular maintenance schedule.
  • Eberly noted they received a request from a property owner to demoss an oak tree.   The cost is $2,500 and the Board did not support this expense.   The property owner, however, can do this on their own.
  • Jessee noted a property owner complained LMP was not mowing along the pond banks.  This is separate from the sandhill crane nest by Kathy Peters’ house.  Eberly will take care of it.
  • Kisela said there isn’t any mulch on the landscape beds behind the pool.   Eberly will take care of it.
  • Sluizer stated last year, LMP provided a few proposals for landscape improvements, but we were only able to do the front entrance due to budgetary constraints.   She would like to revisit those proposals to see if we can budget for one or more next year.

Field Manager Report (Mick Sheppard):

  • Sheppard noted the sidewalk repairs should have started yesterday, but if not, any day now.   Kisela asked that Sidewalk Repairs be added to the May agenda.    The Covenants state that the sidewalk adjacent to a home is the responsibility of the property owner, however, the CDD has always taken the responsibility to repair/replace sidewalks.   This needs to be clarified at the next meeting.
  • Sheppard noted that FLM submitted a proposal to replace the streetlight fixtures and bulbs for $9,400, including a five-year warranty.  Kisela requested this be tabled and discussed at the May Budget Workshop.   The Board is frustrated that these issues with the bulbs falling out, timers, etc. have yet to be resolved.  In addition, the lighting at the entrance is malfunctioning again.   Sheppard believes the timers are off due to the power outage.   He will make a note to check the timers once a week when he is here.  Burbank suggested we look into using a photocell, or a combination thereof.  Kisela added the Amenity Center lights are also malfunctioning.   Sheppard said his crews cannot figure out a way to resolve this, so he will hire an electrician to fix it once and for all.
  • Jessee noted the “No Golf Carts” sign needs to be re-installed at the pedestrian bridge.   
  • MIS Proposal for Gate System - The Board requested this item be tabled and MIS be invited to the May meeting.

Sitex Aquatics (Mick Sheppard):

  • Warmer weather and lack of rain means we have to stay on top of the algae.   Sheppard stated there is an area by Pond 15 that is of concern, they will have to schedule another dye application.   
  • Sheppard confirmed the Board approved a contract last June for midge fly treatment for 10 months out of the year.   Unfortunately, Sheppard noted no treatment can eliminate midge flies, but it should substantially reduce them.

District Manager Report (Richard McGrath/Jason Greenwood):

  • Burbank asked if the Board had an investment policy.  Kisela noted most local governments and special districts take advantage of the SBA’s money market funds at a rate of 4.89%.  Burbank would like to see the Board create an investment policy, and he volunteered to serve as the Board’s liason.  It was approved.

Supervisor Requests and Audience Comments:

  • Jessee asked if there will be a fence or wall erected by the new development behind River’s Reach Boulevard.   Kisela stated we need to see their final site plan.
  • Jan Burbank stated we should discourage placing any recreational amenities by the front entrance, as it may attract nonresidents from nearby communities.
  • Sheppard will provide a proposal for the pedestrian gate locks at the next meeting.
  • Sluizer noted additional insurance companies are now providing property insurance in Florida.   She requested we request our insurance company to provide us with the renewal costs early enough so that we can then decide whether to seek better rates.

Water’s Edge Community Development District Disclosure

Please be advised that the Water’s Edge Community Development District (the “District”), a local unit of special purpose government created under Florida law, has constructed and is responsible for the maintenance of certain improvements, infrastructure and facilities within the District.  The District financed this construction through the sale of tax-exempt bonds, a form of public financing.  As a result, and in accordance with applicable federal and state law, all District owned improvements, infrastructure and facilities are and shall remain open and accessible to the general public.  Should you have any questions on this matter, non-resident user fees applicable to District recreational facilities, or any other general District issue, please feel free to contact the District Manager.