Welcome to the official website for the Water’s Edge Community Development District (the “District”). This website is funded on behalf of the District to serve two major purposes. The first is to comply with Chapter 189.069 of the Florida Statutes, which requires each special District to maintain an official website. The second is an effort to help educate the general public about the services provided by the District, and to highlight the other agencies involved in the day-to-day operations of the community. These agencies include but are not limited to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Manatee County and the Water's Edge Homeowner Association.

Resident Notice

The pool deck at the amenity center will be painted next week. As a result, the facility (pool and gym) will be closed starting Monday, February 5th, and reopening Saturday, February 11th. While your FOB may release the gate lock we will have a cable on the gate to prevent entry, so the contractor can perform the work without interruptions and damaging the new surface. We appreciate your patience as we complete this much needed facelift.

CDD Zoom Meeting Information

Zoom Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/9564962978
Meeting ID: 956 496 2978
Passcode: 516708Gms
Zoom Phone #: (646) 876- 9923

New Meeting Location Reminder

The Water’s Edge Community Development District will meet at our new location at the new Fire Station #2 at 3804 Rye Road beginning in September of 2023 at 6:00 p.m. If you are interested in attending in person please park on the north side of the fire station and enter the building from the front. The training room we will be using is on the left.  

Please remember we are guests, and the fire personnel that staffs this 24/7 fire station lives there while on shift. This means eating, sleeping and decompressing from running calls. Participation via Zoom will still be available.

Propane Update: 

At the CDD meeting on November 30th, the Board authorized me and GMS to explore a proposal from a LP gas vendor to lower the cost of propane to heat the pool and spa.  Those discussions and subsequent discussions with the current vendor have resulted in a significant reduction in propane costs to the District moving forward. The current vendor’s proposal was lower than the other proposal on a cost per gallon basis.  In addition,  the current vendor is providing a significant rebate for previous gas purchases.   As a result of these significant savings, we are keeping the pool heater on until the Board meets on January 25th and can discuss this issue in a public meeting. I appreciate the residents who brought this issue to the Board for consideration. Greg Kisela

Latest Actions

At the January 25, 2024 meeting, the Water’s Edge CDD took the following actions:

Supervisors’ Requests:

-Burbank inquired about the streetlight bulbs on River’s Reach Boulevard.   They fall out on their own accord, and he asked if there is something that can be done to prevent this from happening.   He also inquired about the status of the light audit that was requested at the November meeting.  Mick Sheppard stated it is underway and they expect it soon.  He added that they found a company for the streetlight bulbs that sells them considerably less than the current vendor.   

Danielle Korney noted she had the same problem with bulbs falling out of a light fixture at home, and when she replaced the bulbs with LEDs, the problem corrected itself. 

-Revised Amenity Policy (Stacy Jessee):

The revised amenity policy will be considered at a public hearing during the April CDD meeting.   It will exclude the dollar amounts for pool fob replacement, as well as cost to use our amenities by nonresidents.   This will give the Board flexibility should the costs be revised at a later date.   The Board agreed to keep the same pool hours (dawn to dusk) and fitness center hours (24/7 to give residents flexibility to work out at their convenience).

-Budget Workshop:   The Board requested a budget workshop be held prior to the April regular meeting.   

-Speeding in the Community (Brian Holliday):

Holliday has received numerous complaints about speeding.  The Board suggested a courtesy email be sent out asking for voluntary compliance. 

-LP Gas/Pool Heating:

Kisela gave a brief overview on the history of this item.   Overall the negotiations on this item resulted in the LP Gas prices being reduced by approximately 50% and a rebate of $7500.  After a brief discussion, the Board agreed each member will appoint one member of the community to form a working group.  They will be tasked with creating an operating policy to recommend to the Board in July that will attempt to further yield operating efficiencies, while maximizing the availability of this amenity. 

-Emergency Gates to New Community:

This item was brought forward due to the proposed development at the end of River’s Reach Boulevard.   The property with the red barn is proposed to be developed in the future.  In order to be proactive and prevent cut-through traffic into our neighborhood via the emergency gates, the Board authorized spending up to $2,500 to retain a land use attorney on what can be done to prevent this from becoming an exit/cut-through for the new neighborhood.  

Landscape Manager’s Report (Ryan Eberly):

-Eberly stated the neighborhood looks good overall, however, there are a few things they are currently working on or propose to do for improvements:  prune the live oaks, prune approximately 49 palms (proposal forthcoming in February), clean up the bald cypress trees, and continue with weed control.

-Eberly was going to start the landscape improvements in early February, however, in the abundance of caution, the Board proposed waiting another 30 days so that the dirt and soot from the burnings across the street don’t damage the plants.  Once that is completed, the rest of the neighborhood will be mulched.

-With regards to the proposal to remove 38 dead pine trees due to the beetle infestation, Burbank suggested holding off until we know the cause of death; otherwise, we run the risk of losing new trees.  Since the Manatee County Code requires either payment into a tree fund ($445 a tree) or for the trees to be replaced, the Board asked LMP to provide options and costs at the next meeting.  It was agreed.

Field Manager’s Report (Mick Sheppard):

-Since the November meeting, Sheppard stated the kayak launch erosion area is all fixed now.   There is a picnic table and trash receptacle that are in the process of being replaced.

-He stated the River’s Reach Boulevard pot hole was fixed under warranty.  

-The pool flow switch was faulty and was repaired by the pool company.

-A new dog station was installed on Westover, directly across from the playground.

-The front entrance landscape lights have been audited and new replacements are on order.  Burbank noted the lights at the amenity center either don’t come on or stay on long after daylight.  The rest of the Board agreed this has been going on for a while and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

-The painter is supposed to return and paint the four (4)  remaining pillars, as well as the pool deck.   Both the pool and fitness center will be closed while this is taking place.   Right now, it is proposed the amenity center will be closed Monday, February 5 and reopened Sunday, February 11.  An email should be going out on this closure once the schedule is confirmed.

-The bathroom light switches will be replaced with motion sensors for energy savings.

Attorney’s Report (Wes Haber):

Haber reminded the Board they have to complete four hours of online training by December 31, 2024.   This is a result of new legislation that took effect January 1st.

Sitex Aquatics:  Kisela asked GMS to request Sitex to be proactive with the algae control starting in spring, so we don’t end up with the algae problems experienced last year.

Supervisors Comments/Requests:

-Kisela noted there has been considerable discussion on Facebook about our amenities and how frequently they are used.   He suggested scheduling one or two vision workshops, either in the evening or weekend, and invite the neighborhood to attend and provide suggestions on what type of amenities they would like to have, as well as the process for funding them.   We would hire an outside facilitator to keep us on track and ensure fair and inclusive decision-making by those in attendance.   The Board agreed and requested an item on the February agenda to discuss dates, location, process, etc.

On that note, Jessee stated we should include the kayak launch/storage area in the vision session.  It was agreed.

Audience Comments:

-Kathy Peters asked that the landscaping by the lift station not be trimmed too much.   She prefers to keep it  taller and denser so as to camouflage the lift station.

-Tom Peters inquired if we owned the LP gas tank after a period of time.   Unfortunately the tank remains in the ownership of Suburban Gas.    

-Burbank noted the storm sewer manhole curb on Hickory View Circle needs to be looked at for repairs.  Kisela said he would look at it and report to GMS if it needs repairs.

-Jeanine Hill was surprised there was no buffer present by the gates separating River’s Reach from the proposed new development.   The Board noted it will also be part of the land use attorney’s review. 

-Carole McConnell requested the volleyball court be maintained free of weeds and other debris.


Water’s Edge Community Development District Disclosure

Please be advised that the Water’s Edge Community Development District (the “District”), a local unit of special purpose government created under Florida law, has constructed and is responsible for the maintenance of certain improvements, infrastructure and facilities within the District.  The District financed this construction through the sale of tax-exempt bonds, a form of public financing.  As a result, and in accordance with applicable federal and state law, all District owned improvements, infrastructure and facilities are and shall remain open and accessible to the general public.  Should you have any questions on this matter, non-resident user fees applicable to District recreational facilities, or any other general District issue, please feel free to contact the District Manager.